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    FAQs frequently asked questions

    How big is a TAUSENDSCHÖN cup?

    We currently have 125ml cups in our assortment. 500ml cups are planned for 2021.

    Where can I buy TAUSENDSCHÖN ice cream?

    We are a small, growing company and we are happy that we can offer you our ice cream for sale through our customers (see Shop Finder). Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when our online store goes live!.

    Is TAUSENDSCHÖN vegan?

    Yes! Gluten and lactose-free and without soy!

    How do you make the healthy ice cream taste sooo delicious? What is the secret?

    Basically, there are many quality factors in ice cream production. For our vegan TAUSENDSCHÖN ice cream we use only natural and high quality ingredients, which are carefully processed with a very high quality standard. We do without refined sugar, artificial flavorings and process a high fruit content. While numerous ice cream factories use animal or simple vegetable fat for their production, our ice cream factory relies on high-quality, organic coconut milk from Sri Lanka. The air content also plays a decisive role in the production process. In many industrially produced ice creams, the air is too abundant, which makes the ice cream a cold ``sugar-air-foam-mixture``. If the air content is about 20%, as in our ice cream, you get a delicious creamy ice cream. In addition, our ice cream is handcrafted with a lot of love. In other words, we fill every single cup by hand.

    What makes TAUSENDSCHÖN ice cream so special?

    If you try our ice cream, you will experience a pleasure you never expected, especially not from a healthy, vegan ice cream! An ice cream without sin . It comes without refined sugar and consists only of natural ingredients of the highest quality. It is vegan, without soy, gluten and lactose. It also has up to 50% fewer calories than regular ice cream.

    How can TAUSENDSCHÖN contain so few calories?

    Instead of refined sugar we use pure birch sweetness (xylitol). This means that TAUSENDSCHÖN has up to 50% fewer calories than conventional ice cream. In addition, Birkensüße is tooth-friendly and has less effect on the blood sugar level. The carbohydrate content is 70% lower.

    What is xylitol?

    Xylitol, also known as birch sweetener, is a naturally occurring sugar substitute. Except in birch bark, it is found in many woods and plants. The extraction is very complex, which is why xylitol costs considerably more than refined sugar. However, it has 40% fewer calories and instead of damaging the teeth, it protects them from caries.

    Where do you get your coconut milk from?

    Our organic coconut milk comes from Sri Lanka. It comes from controlled organic cultivation and is made exclusively from the pulp of fresh coconuts, traditionally very gently - without any additives. Rich in important nutrients, B-vitamins and a multitude of unsaturated fatty acids, it is a low-calorie and cholesterol-free alternative to cream and similar products. It is characterized by its genuine intensive and pure coconut taste. A breath of the tropics!

    What is the difference between TAUSENDSCHÖN ice cream and conventional ice cream?

    Our ice cream convinces above all with its unique, intensive taste. An ice cream without sin, which we can nibble on without regret. Because instead of refined sugar we use pure birch sweetness made from birch bark. This special sweetness, called xylitol, has significantly fewer calories than ``normal`` sugar, has little effect on the blood sugar level and is also tooth-friendly. Our ice cream, for example, has up to 50% fewer calories than a normal one. Our ice cream is vegan, free from gluten, lactose and soy.

    Is TAUSENDSCHÖN ice cream also suitable for diabetics?

    The carbohydrate content is at a significantly reduced level (about 70% less than conventional ice cream) and we use xylitol as a sweetener, which is considered safe for diabetics. We recommend diabetics who eat our ice cream to pay attention to how their body reacts, but we are confident that our TAUSENDSCHÖN ice cream is a great addition to their diet.

    Is TAUSENDSCHÖN ice cream nut-free?

    Yes, our current varieties are free of nuts.

    Who founded TAUSENDSCHÖN?

    In spring 2016 Kerstin Pooth published her book SUPERFOOD Ice, which she wrote together with the journalist Astrid Saß. In it she published over 40 of her best personal ice cream recipes. All with alternatives to milk and refined sugar! Countless readers asked where to buy this delicious and healthy ice cream, which you can snack without a guilty conscience. Since there was no comparable ice cream available anywhere else, this was the initial spark for Kerstin to found her own ice cream brand. She named it after her favorite flower Tausendschön (the noble daisy). And because you can enjoy her ice cream without any worries, she called it Feel Good Ice Cream.

    Is palm oil used in TAUSENDSCHÖN Ice Cream?

    No! No palm oil is used in our ice cream.

    What do you do in terms of sustainability?

    We do not use any plastic in our packaging at all. Instead, we use cardboard from FSC-certified forests in Scandinavia as well as a sealing board and inner coating made of corn starch. This means that our cups are made from 100% renewable resources and are compostable. The spoons in our 125ml cups are also made of cornstarch and are completely plastic free.

    Where can I find information about the ingredients or nutritional values of your ice cream?

    You can find all of our ingredients and products on our website in the individual tabs under our products. You will also find the latest information on ingredients and nutritional information on each cup.

    Why should your ice cream thaw for 10-15 minutes after taking it out of the freezer before it is eaten?

    The more sugar and cream in the ice cream, the less hard it becomes. Since we do not add sugar and cream, it is much harder than regular ice cream. We therefore recommend tempering the ice cream for 10-15 minutes in the refrigerator or at room temperature before consumption. This will allow the full taste to unfold!

    How will the deep-freeze online shipping work?

    We will ship the ice cream in a box insulated with straw or hemp. The dry ice contained in the box ensures that the ice arrives frozen. You will receive a tracking number as soon as the package is shipped. The package will arrive the next day or two days after the tracking number is received. If you are not at home, you should pick up the parcel at your neighbor's/package/packing station in the evening at the latest.

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