Feel Good Ice Cream and Sweets das Buch

Feel Good Ice Cream & Sweets

By Kerstin Pooth

and Nina Senor-Megias

Enjoy ice cream and cookies in a healthy way

Pistachio, salted caramel or hazelnut – wouldn’t it be nice if these beloved flavours were not only available as ice cream, but also as a crunchy cookies or energy balls? There we go. Even for vegans and for those who suffer from a food intolerance. In this book, Kerstin Pooth and Nina Senor-Megias reveal over 60 ice cream and sweets recipes that satisfy the cravings for sweets in a healthy way – always on a plant basis and without refined sugar. Each recipe is also marked as to whether it is suitable for gluten, histamine or lactose intolerance. As such ice cream, cookies & co. are not only good for the soul, but also good for the belly.

Superfood Eis

By Kerstin Pooth

and Astrid Saß

Can we healthify ice cream?

Kerstin Pooth and Astrid Saß think we can. In combination with super foods, every feeling of remorse is safely kept in the drawer. Ice cream as an energy booster, detox agent, beauty and good mood enhancer – everything is possible. You only have to do it yourself! The authors explain exactly how – in the first book about ice cream with health benefits. Deliciously easy to follow ice cream recipes with a guarantee of success.


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